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Who Am I: Online Marketing Professional – Davidperezgar.com
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Who Am I: Online Marketing Professional

My first beginnings were back in 2000, when I started making personal websites with the denuded Frontpage. During my time at Centro Hogar Sanchez (2004), I began to make my own little pins making a product catalogue website that would synchronize with the management program. I also participated in an Online Commerce portal, where I was creating my concerns with Marketing and Online.

The turning point was when I created my blog Closemarketing in December 2006, which later became a company, talking about online marketing. That’s when I used WordPress as a platform to create blogs and it wasn’t until 2010, when I did everything in that content manager.

Co-organizer of WordCamp Granada 2018

November 2018

Last November, as part of a Team, we organized the WordPress Professionals meeting.

Closemarketing Manager – Online Marketing Agency

March 2009