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Marketing professional, co-founder of Closemarketing Marketing Agency, father and WordPress enthusiast.

Marketing Consulting
Google Ads Advertising Management
WordPress Development
WordPress Theme Creation
Global Team Reviewer Plugin
Organizer in WordPress Community Granada.


close marketing

Marketing, Web and Social Media Agency.

close technology

Web Development Agency based on WordPress and Laravel.


Autotranslate WordPress plugin for multisite sites.

andrés RACE

Solidarity race with almost 700 participants


Marketing Podcast with Jesús Yesares and


Crea el archivo de distribución de tu plugin con wp-cli

Con esta charla de la WordCamp Madrid 2023, podemos crear un archivo de distribución para subir a nuestras páginas web. Utilizar esta opción es la mejor porque mantenemos versiones para los plugins que vamos haciendo con WPCLI. Instalación: wp package install wp-cli/dist-archive-command Para crear un zip de distribución de plugin,…

New version WP Development ToolbOX for VSCODE v3.1.2

What’s new: – Major update. Added command to load Debug.log with ¨KeyBinding Ctrl+Shift+D – Added snippets: (phpacs) Add PHP Class Static, (wpagi) Add Git Ignore for plugin. – Updated snippets: (wpamet) Added textarea, (phpacl) Updated.

Best practices in web development: use of empty

The empty() function in PHP is used to check if a variable exists and if its value is considered empty. It is a good practice to make your code not break when you receive variable values that you have to ensure Returns true if the variable does not exist or…
david apis conexion paper

Connect to APIs from WordPress the Easy Way

Transcription of the video Good morning, this is David Perez, so that you know us. He comes from the community of Granada and basically he is a crack, that is, there is no need to introduce him or say anything else, he is a crack, let’s hear it, right? (Applause)…

Mesa redonda: Qué significa contribuir con la comunidad de WordPress

https://wordpress.tv/2023/03/03/que-significa-contribuir-con-la-comunidad-de-wordpress/ Han conseguido tanto personalmente como laboralmente el colaborar con una comunidad Open Source, porque muchas veces estamos hablando de colaborar con WordPress, colaborar con este tipo de tecnologías Open Source, pero vamos a ver de primera mano lo que verdaderamente ha dado el colaborar con este tipo de tecnologías….

comandos ssh servidores web ordenes

AJAX Javascript vanilla and Native metaboxes in 2.5 Visual Code Extension

I’ve updated my toolbox for developing in WordPress and mainly I’ve worked to make easy transients, Metaboxes and AJAX with Javascript vanilla. I’m working to remove jQuery from all of our developments. At this time, it has more than 11.000 installations. It’s huge for me! You can download here WP…

wceu22 worpdress day1 07

Leader at the contributor day WordPress.TV table

At the last WordCamp Europe Porto 2022, I had the pleasure of bringing the table WordPress.TV. A table that is responsible for moderating the contents and maintaining the portal where all the knowledge of WordPress through official events and training, are available for free viewing. The next day, I had…