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I am part of the Official WordPress Plugin Review Team. – Davidperezgar.com
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I am part of the Official WordPress Plugin Review Team.



TL;DR: I am part of the WordPress plugin review team and am sponsored by Hostinger.

Developers collaborating on the plugins table at WordCamp Torrelodones.

And what do you mean?


Well, if you have a WordPress website, you’ve surely had to install some plugin, to add functionality to the website. The best known plugin is the one that allows you to set up an Online Store with several clicks: WooCommerce.

This plugin listing can be found in the WordPress administrator, Plugins > Add New Plugin.

Search WordPress Plugins

You can also look at the plugins currently in its directory:



There you will see, there are over 60,000 plugins in the official repository. Of course, there are many more, in different directories and the developers themselves who sell it through their own platforms.

The directory is the best way to get visibility and in a very easy way, help users to find the functionality they are looking for.

The plugins that are in this directory, are free and may have a premium version, which you can buy on the site provided by the developer.

Well, in order to have a plugin you have developed you have to submit it through a form:

In which with your WordPress account you send a zip for a team to validate. This plugin has to comply with a good practices guide to make it more secure and reliable to your users.

To ensure that this is the case, a team of volunteer developers are tasked with reviewing such code, guiding the developer to correct it, and until they are in strict compliance, publishing it.

This work takes quite a few hours and to make it possible, there are companies that sponsor such time to be able to contribute to WordPress within the program of Five for the Future, which basically says that you contribute a minimum of 5% of your turnover if WordPress is fundamental to your business, to invest it.

Well, this January, I got the great news that Hostinger is going to sponsor my time in reviewing WordPress plugins.

It was already a big challenge for me to be on the team, but by blocking out time to do this task, I’m sure it will help contribute to WordPress once again having an updated and safe plugin directory for its users.

Today we’ve already gotten it down from 700 plugins to review, and 50 days total for the initial review. Our goal is to get it down as low as possible, so that it will be much more streamlined for developers. how far can we go?

We’ve already got it down to 700 plugins to review today, and 50 days total for the initial review.

Plugins Reviewed

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