My wish list for the Plesk Panel in 2021



I’ve been meeting with one of Plesk’s technicians, and this has been my wish list:

  • Manage emails easily. That you could easily configure the autodiscover so that clients would connect to mail with the username and password.
  • Spam sending and quarantine detector. There are times when clients become infected by their computer and send spam. This should be detected if such emails were sent, quarantined for review and not sent.
  • Plesk dashboard to manage servers. It would be nice if Plesk had as an account where we managed all our servers and gave an Uptime service, wordpress recommendations and update.
  • Dashboard on the home page with the main Server indicators, such as CPU, hard drive, ram, etc. Previously in Plesk Onyx appeared, but when upgrading to Obsidian, it was removed.
  • Git. Synchronization works great but Plesk does not generate a unique key for each subscription and gives problems. He’s been asking for time.
  • Better integration with CloudFlare. For some reason, in these versions they are no longer synchronized well. Yes
  • Plesk Local? This would be great by now. That you could work locally and that somehow you could pull an installation in Plesk, such as database and files. Something like Local by Flywheel but for Plesk.
  • And already to ask, that there be an official WordPress plugin,that it connect with WooCommerce and allow you to sell Hosting packages and that the installation and client be created directly.

Do you use Plesk for your server?

What would you ask for?

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